Friday, October 30, 2015

The Spice of Life

Life has its ups and downs...
   Bacathon, bacathon, bacathon. My head keeps spinning on how to implement this fund-raising activity smoothly without any hassles and obstacles but they keep coming, in many forms, bombarbarding  me with questions, puzzles, issues, arguments, controversies and many other forms of disputes. 

    Some would say.,,'hmm how to get the fund, the due date is so close..' , 'my present commitment is high', I have many children at school.., got any discount?', 'teacher, my kampung is far away, my family seldom visit me', 'this week is not an outing week, so how?' 'I feel so shy to beg for some fund' and many other interesting yet challenging queries.

     Well-said dears. Your voice has a special place in my heart. I will voice out your points. I told them that we have in fact planned it earlier and started the think tank (a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific problems) as early as August. A lot of researches, paperworks, presentations, discussions, permissions to be done before the real execution of the Bacathon Card. It is a challenging job though. Consents from the PIBG, State Education Department and the police must be obtained. Then, the printing of the cards stage and returning of the cards back to the police station to get the final police consent in a form of police's stamp and to stamp it for the whole of one thousand and eight hundred cards manually (thanks to the suppotive HM, staff and my AJK's for the hardwork).

      It is not an easy job man... I feel like giving up hope and what more when there were a lot of holidays due to haze, making it eventually pending and prolonged. Being a determined person myself, I shouldn't be pondering upon minuscule disagreements that would bring me down. I should move forward and handle it with great care and affection to keep my spirit going, I have to move forward because I know I am doing it for a good course. When I mention this, it means, it is worth doing because it will help other people (particularly students), by raising money for charity for the betterment of the school facilities in future.

         In a nutshell, people... let us combine effort and work hand-in-hand so that we will not only be able to achieve the targeted objectives but also beyond that. Let the spirit of togetherness be a matter of uttermost importance despite the fund itself. Let us pray that we will achieve good result and uphold the theme of the Bacathon Program 'Jom Celik Ilmu' or 'Towards Knowledge Literate' for better future generations. Shall we?

From me,
' Just an ordinary teacher who cares'



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